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School web-stores help move more products

School Web-Stores

Benefits of having a school web-store:

Order management.

  • Simplify ordering by giving students and parents the ability to browse school uniforms and place their orders online.
  • Hold uniform pre-sales at pre-determined times throughout the year to simplify the workload on office staff while empowering parents to service themselves.
  • By pre-selling your uniforms and spirit-wear, you will eliminate the need to carry an inventory of your items. If you choose to carry a small inventory of items for new students to have immediate access to, you will be able to make educated purchases based on the sizes and color that you pre-sold.

Make Fundraising Easy.

  • All items come pre-folded and individually boxed by┬átheir size and color.
  • Enroll in our kitting program and all your items will come pre-packaged by student┬áname for easy distribution.
  • Enroll in our shipping program to give parents and students the option of having their items shipped directly to their homes.
  • Orders arrive with a check for the school’s profit.
  • Easily test out new products by adding them to your pre-sale. If they don’t sell, it will have cost the school nothing. If they do sell, you will make additional profits.

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