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Corporate web-stores for selling products online.

Corporate Web-Stores

Benefits of having a corporate web-store:

Order management.

  • Simplify orders by collecting sizes and payments online.
  • Easily issue company coupon codes to employees to go toward the purchase of company-sponsored¬†uniforms. This will allow employees to purchase additional items if desired & purchase these items themselves.
  • Manage which departments have access to particular items.
  • Pay using a purchase order, credit card, or debit card.

Customize Your Store.

  • Hold company wide pre-sales for special event and holiday items. (ie. Pre-sale shirts for the company picnic. This will remove the order-taking burden from your administration staff & make the order easy & painless)
  • Customize the products that you want to offer. While stores come pre-loaded with our most popular styles, you can choose which items you would like on your web-store.

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