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Team Stores

Example of a successful team web-store
Perfect for athletic teams wanting to get awesome gear, while raising money for the team.

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Corporate Stores

Example of successful corporate web-store
Great for businesses wanting to offer employee swag while minimizing admin involvement.

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School Stores

Example of successful school web-store
Perfect for schools looking to move uniforms & spirit-wear purchases online.

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Benefits of using a web-store

Events, Fundraisers & Pre-Sales

Web-stores offer a convenient solution for raising money for events, and pre-selling merch.

  • Easily gather sizing.
  • Receive payments online.
  • No over-estimating inventory.
  • Cross-sell multiple products.
  • Increase your total profits.
  • Simplify your orders.

For Business Attire & Apparel

Provide your employees an easy way to order and re-order business apparel.

  • Simplify ordering for your company.
  • Order new apparel on demand.
  • Let employees choose their sizing.
  • Eliminate stock management.
  • Use coupon codes to reward staff.
  • Allow employees to purchase their own apparel.

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