Screen-printing as an art form

Our screen-printing team has the experience and know-how to ensure your order is printed at it’s best. With years of practice and hundred’s of thousands of screen-prints our team has honed in a process that perfectly balances quality and speed of production.

From the complexities of mixing inks for perfect color matched prints, fine-tuning dpi and print angles for optimal printing, and monitoring temperatures to ensure inks are correctly cured, screen-printing is truly an art form within itself.

Out of focus photograph of a screen printing dryer

Photo of lemon yellow plastisol paint.

Popular Ink Colors

All inks we use are quality high opacity inks ensuring bright vivid colors that will last.

With color options including our popular ink colors, PMS color matching, and four-color process, our colors will breathe life into your design!

Photo of screenprinting paint sqeegees with paint.

Tried & True Print Methods

With 20+ years of experience we’ve honed in our craft and screen-printing has become second nature.

From the design phase to laying down the ink, you can rest assured that your design will be printed to it’s full potential!

Photo of ink being spread onto a screen.

Latest Print Technology

We consistently invest in new screen-printing technology that is increasingly more accurate and efficient. This ensures that we continue to provide you with the best prints possible and produce your orders faster than ever making sure to hit those tight deadlines!

Photo of screen printing tech loading a shirt.

What Makes a Great Screen-Printer

A great screen-printer knows his way around the printing press and their inks. They have the understanding and experience to combine inks to match specific colors, and the knowledge of how different colors will print on different fabrics with the instincts to correct those variations.

Our screen-printers make it look easy but there’s a lot of training and natural talent going on behind the scenes.
Each new addition to our screen-printing team goes through a thorough training period and is then mentored by a senior screen-printer to ensure they have developed all the necessary skills and knowledge to become a great screen-printer.

Stock Ink Colors

Apple Green (PMS 376)
Aurora Pink* (PMS 812)
Aqua Marine (PMS 376)
Bexley Blue (PMS 647)
Brite Blue (PMS 2925)
Brite Green (PMS 348)
Brite Red (PMS 187)
Chrome Green (PMS 567)
Dark Grey (PMS 424)
Deep Purple (PMS 2685)
Electric Green (PMS 360)
Golden Yellow (PMS 1235)
Gray (PMS 5455)
Kelly Green (PMS 342)
Khaki (PMS 468)
Lemon Yellow (PMS 109)
Light Pink (PMS 1767)
Lime Green (PMS 361)
Maroon (PMS 505)
Mitchel Gold (PMS 4505)
Navy Blue (PMS 289)
Neon Magenta* (PMS Rhodamine Red)
Orange (PMS 1655)
Pale Apple (PMS 367)
Rebel Gold (PMS 616)
Royal Blue (PMS 661)
Sienna Brown (PMS 469)
UCF Gold (PMS 4515)
University Blue (PMS 278)
USF Gold (PMS 4535)
Blue Shimmer*
Bright Gold Shimmer*
Liquid Silver*
Silver Shimmer*
Mirror Gold*
Orbit Yellow*

Colors displayed are for reference only.
Ink colors may vary across viewing devices.

* Denotes a color that is unable to be displayed accurately.

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