Custom cut heat-pressing

The popular choice among athletes and other groups is heat-press by far. Known for its durability and ease of customization, heat-press is perfect for individual names, numbers, and one-offs.

With heat-press, we are able to easily cut out various names, numbers, designs, and shapes quickly and easily apply them to most garments and promotional products. Heat-press is the ideal solution for multiple designs or custom shirts and allows the cost to remain low.

As a cost-effective and dynamic decoration method, heat-press is also a highly durable production type.

Photo of a car being weeded out of heat-press material.

Photo of 3D cut heatpress athletic numbers.

Photo of a heatpressed shirt.

Cad-Cut® Thermo-FILM®

Athletic wear tends to receive a bit more abuse than other attire which is why we use Cad-Cut® Thermo-FILM® for jerseys and other sports attire. This material is low-bleed, abrasion resistant, and maintains a superior opacity ensuring team colors stay true.

Neon green heat-pressed shirt on press.

Vibrant Heat Transfer Colors

We’ve researched and tested many different heat transfer materials. Paired with our finely tuned production method we’ve selected the most vibrant, durable materials for use ensuring that colors maintain their vibrancy.

Close-up photo of glitter flake heat press samples.

Glitter-flake Heat-Transfers

Along with a wide selection of vibrant colors to choose from, we also offer high-end specialty colors including our popular glitter-flake series, gold foil, and felt fabric heat transfers.