Embroidery Services

Embroidery isn’t new or overly high-tech, it’s more of an aged tradition passed down through the generations.

Updates in machinery can only really improve the speed of production, it’s the talent and keen instincts of the embroiderer who ultimately is able to embellish garments with designs that are accurate and impressive.

With years of experience, our embroidery techs have developed production methods that are superior in speed, accuracy, and efficiency. This ensures that each and every product leaving our facility is not only of excellent quality but also delivered promptly.

Close-up photo of embroidery machine with a seamstress in the background.

Photo of different colored embroidery bobbins.

The most popular threads

With a huge selection of threads from colorful arrays of reds, yellows, greens, to silvers & golds, there’s a thread option for nearly any embroidered design ensuring accurate color matching and vibrancy.

Close-up photo of a needle embelishing a logo that says Florida Southern Mocs

Traditional Embroidery

For a professional look and quality that lasts, embroidery is a tried and true embellishment method. Polos and button-up attire paired with durable embroidered designs delivers a traditional look that communicates confidence and establishment.

Close-up of a baseball cap with the letters LG in 3d puff embroidery.

3D Puff Embroidery

Let us take your embroidered design to the third dimension with 3-D puff embellishment. 3-D puff embroidery takes the professional look of traditional embroidery and adds an extra level of character that really stands out among the crowd.

Photo of the knobs on an embroidery machine with a worker in the background.

What Makes a Great Embroidery Technician

With different cloth types of varying delicacy, needle gauges for specific product types, and a huge array of thread colors to choose from; an embroidery technician must use their experience and hindsight to predict how different designs will look embroidered on a wide range of products.

Our embroidery technicians start out with a strong foundation. They begin their training as an apprentice under a senior embroidery tech while gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to become a professional embroidery technician.

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