Preparing the Florida Jets Design for Simulated Process Printing

Before getting started, we would like to mention the upcoming professional RC Jet Pilots event, Florida Jets, taking place March 20th – 23rd, 2019.

This exciting event features professional “jet certified” radio control pilots from around the globe. Approximately 130 pilots will take to the skies of Lakeland, FL flying 200 MPH miniature RC jet replicas!

Lots of fun for the whole family.

Be sure to visit the Florida Jets page for additional info or to register as a pilot!

>> Florida Jets Event Page – Professional RC Jet Pilots Event <<

What is Simulated Process Printing?

Simulated process printing is the process of strategically printing a limited number of opaque inks blended together using half-tones and gradients to create a vibrant, colorful image.

First, we optimize the design for screen-printing.

Animated GIF showing before and after removing non-printable glow effects.

Some effects such as glows and finer details tend to not translate well to the screen-printing process. We will go ahead and remove these effects.

Next, we remove the black background.

Animated GIF showing the removal of the black background.

Unless we want a black box printed on the shirts, we have to isolate what we want to print, and then remove the black background.

Then, we separate the colors into individual channels

Using a helper app, we isolate and then separate each of the colors in the design in to their own individual channels. This gives us a solid starting point to begin consolidating/reducing the number of colors as well color correction.

Next, we combine, reduce, and adjust the colors.

Animation of combining and reducing colors.

We remove and consolidate similar colors and then apply color corrections to achieve a more accurate print.

Lastly, we print the separate color channels.

Transparency sheet print outs of the different ink colors.

After thorough inspection, we print the separate colors on to transparency sheets that will be passed along to our screen-printing department where they take it from there!

The Florida Jets printed shirts.

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