5 Ways to Make Your Shirts Sparkle

“All that Glitters is Gold”

Let’s be honest, we’re all attracted to shiny things – especially ones that you can wear. Not every situation is the “right time,” but occasionally that RIGHT situation presents itself where you can break the mold and do something a little different with your organization’s apparel.

The Methods

Below you will see some unique ways to harness glitter, traditional ink, and rhinestones to create a unique look for your organization’s apparel.

Glitter Flake with Screen Printing

Shirt with screen-print and glitter-flake heat-press

The most economical way to add glitter flake to your design is by pairing it with traditional screen printing. Let’s say that you have an accent piece of the design that you want to bring a lot of attention to. We can print most of the design using traditional print methods, then add the glitter accent afterward. It creates a unique look and makes the process really cost effective because it uses very little glitter flake material.

Single Color Glitter Flake

Animated image of glitter-flake heat-press on black shirt

This is probably the most common way to do a glitter flake shirt. The cost is still relatively low, but it has a high impact.

Two Color Glitter Flake

Two-color glitter-flake sparkling heat-press example

Consider adding a second color to your glitter flake design to really give it that WOW factor. This really comes out impressive.

Glitter Flake with Rhinestones

Shirt with glitter-flake and rhinestones

So if you are really swinging for the fences and want to make a product that is truly unique, pair your glitter flake design with a rhinestone logo. The difference in sparkle and texture makes it a “one of a kind” item.

Printed Glitter

Printed glitter-flake heat-press on shirt

If you have a logo that has a lot of colors in it, or if you need an exact PMS match, consider our printed glitter flake. This material starts out white and we print your full-color logo onto it. It comes out looking great! One thing to note is that the printed glitter flake is not as sparkly as the regular glitter flake material.

The RIGHT Situation

So, you may be wondering, “what are some traditionally good times to branch out and do a glitter design for my organization?” Now, obviously, every situation is unique but these are some good reasons to consider doing a glitter design.

Awareness Walks

These days all organizations are coming together to bring awareness to a variety of causes. You may be rallying behind a co-worker during their time of need, or just feel passionate about a particular topic. Branded apparel makes everyone feel like they are a part of a team, unified toward a common goal. Making that apparel “sparkle” will make it feel special and unique.

Mother’s Day

What, mom, doesn’t want a little sparkle in their life? This Mother’s Day honor your organization’s moms with an apparel item that will stand out and make them feel special.


Glitter designs do fantastic for fundraisers. Because of the unique look, they have a really high perceived value compared to their actual cost. In most cases we see clients doubling the price they paid for them when re-selling.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Every year in May, there is a teacher appreciation week. In 2018 that week is 5/6 to 5/12. Glitter shirts make a great spirit wear gift for the occasion.


The holidays are always a good time to mix it up with your apparel. People are usually in the mood for something different and a glitter design may be just the ticket to make your organization stand out.


Glitter Flake Tackle Twill

Glitter flake tackle twill is, simply put, AWESOME. These can be done full front or full back on a garment or jacket. The finished product has a really high-end feel and is perfect for that “special project.”

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Your feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

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